iOS 11 Versus Android O On A Tablet? It’s Not Even Close

Android O and iOS 11 are both set to release in a matter of weeks, but I’m sorry to say that only one of these new operating systems seem to give tablet users much reason to get excited. If you want a tablet that offers PC-like productivity and a thriving app selection that bears more native, made-for-tablet apps than it does upscaled or incompatible phone apps, you’re probably going to buy an iPad equipped with iOS 11. And while Android O in general will bring a slew of tweaks that we’re excited about, including some interesting features like picture-in-picture mode and faster boot times, Google hasn’t made enough changes to impact tablet users in a comparably meaningful way. It’s certainly possible that Google might have a few tablet-specific tricks up its sleeve for the software down the line. But as it stands, iOS 11 capitalizes on Android O’s seeming lack of focus on tablet chops in a few key ways, all of which Google can improve on.


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