Thoughts on Windows 10 Cloud #AskDanWindows 21

Send your questions on Twitter with the hashtag #AskDanWindows and Dan might answer it in the next episode!

In this episode:

– What do you think about Windows 10 Cloud? @Rahul_Pattnayak
– Why would Windows Cloud be a success this time round compared to Surface RT? Has the PC landscape changed? @B4rtw
– How is Windows 10 Cloud different from Windows 10 Mobile? Should it be? @Lawsonjeff
– When do you think the first Windows 10 on ARM devices may be released? @Dennisbednarz
– Do you think that a refreshed version of Surface Studio will be released in late 2017, like Surface Book? @Flaviorausa
– If Samsung/LG beat Microsoft to the market with a foldable phone will Microsoft still release a Surface Phone? @Inconceivable

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