4 Liquid Cooling Setups Tested: Which is the best?

Nowadays, there are a ton of different solutions to watercooling your most important components: your CPU and GPU. We tested 4 different setups to determine what’s the best for certain scenarios:

1. Typical mid-high end gaming PC (Corsair H60 on CPU + FE GTX 1080).
2. AIO cooled PC (Corsair H100 on CPU + AIO on the 1080).
3. A system with the EKWB Predator expandable AIO, which has the graphics card and CPU on the same loop.
4. A Full custom TurboHydro hardline loop as built by the NCIXPC certified techs.

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Episode Credits:
Host: Riley Murdock
Writer: Ivan Metelitsa / Riley Murdock
Editor: Barret Murdock / Riley Murdock

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