Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs Lenovo P2: This battery destroys both the Galaxy and iPhone combined!

The Lenovo P2 is a fantastic budget phone with one humongous battery. Considering this, we had to put it up against the phone with one of the best batteries of the last year, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It’s no surprise that the life of the S7 edge couldn’t match Lenovo, but just how far off was it?

For this test we combine different elements of a potential day’s battery life in one test – browsing, gaming, youtube watching and running an internal 1080p video. On this occasion, considering our reviewer found the P2 easily lasted two days, we may have had to repeat the ‘day’ cycle.

1. All phones on full brightness
2. All phones connected to same Wi-Fi
3. 1 hr 30 mins for each task

S7 Edge – Hour 1:30 – 56% Hour 3:00 – 39% Hour 4:30 – 5% Hour 6:00 – 30% Died 5:32

Lenovo P2 – Hour 1:30 – 85% Hour 3:00 – 77% Hour 4:30 – 60% Hour 6:00 – 49%
Hour 7:30 – 33% Hour 9:00 – 23% Hour 10:30 – 6% Died 10:59

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