how TechSmartt SHATTERED his hand

The day TechSmartt destroyed/crushed his hand and face…
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I was in a really bad Boosted Board (Electric Skateboard) accident this weekend and broke my hand in MANY places and almost got a concussion! I was wearing Snapchat Spectacles and recording on my iPhone 7 Plus. I went to the ER and the doctor’s said if I wasn’t wearing glasses I would’ve had a concussion. I should have more hand and head problems in life but I’m happy I can walk.

What’s good!! A lot of you have been asking for more videos, so I’m going to be uploading daily for the rest of the year! Woo! So far I’ve been covering iPhone stuff (apps, chargers, cases, headphones, and actual phones), random tech you’ll never need, challenges, and pranks. I’m super down to do more kinds of videos – vlogs, comedy, whatever. What sort of other content have you been wanting to see? Hit me up on Twitter or comment below with your suggestion, and maybe it’ll become a normal part of my routine! Thanks Tfam!


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